Pastor Rick & Co-Pastor LaQuita Allen are committed to God's will and people.  Together they have served in the body of Christ for over 25 years.   Pastor Rick and Laquita Allen were called by God to empower people with the love of God and help them reach their fullest potential in life. 

We invite you to come worship and serve with us as we equip and empower people through missionary work and extensive outreach programs for positive community outcomes. 

Thanksgiving Boxes for families in need.  Call or complete contact form! 

Community Events 

11.1 - 11.16 Donate or Receive Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes for individuals or families in need. Please fill out the contact page to sign up for services or opportunities to contribute to this worthy cause.

Church Service


Bible Study 11.14

interim location; Livingston Library

1422 Livingston Ave Meeting Room #1


  • ​Men of Hope
  • Women of Hope
  • Biblical & Grief Counseling
  • Community Outreach
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • International Missionary 

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Having accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and recognizing that certain duties can be performed best in a fellowship, we covenant to walk together as members of Waters of Hope Empowerment Center. We believe it to be the mission of ministry to proclaim His Gospel to all mankind and to strive for the realization of the Kingdom of God.